Bullying Claims – Victoria Police

Bullying claims – Victoria Police


Worksafe recently announced that they have formally charged Victoria Police with a number of offences relating to bullying. It has been reported that this is the first time that Victoria Police have, as an organisation, faced criminal prosecution for alleged bullying behaviours.


This is a significant step for Worksafe but also recognises the increase in bullying related claims coming through the Workcover system at large.


Bullying can include behaviour that is direct or indirect. It can be as evident as clear threats to physical or psychological wellbeing or can also include more insidious behaviour such as devaluing an employee in front of co-workers or talking about an employee in a manner that impacts on their ability to perform in the workplace thereby creating a toxic work environment.


Working in the Police force carries with it its own particular stressors and risks. Over our years of practice we have seen many different circumstances in which members of the Police force have been severely psychiatrically impacted by the work conditions afforded to them.


Separate to the obvious physical risks that come with the work, many cases that we have worked on revolve around lack of support and debriefing, lack of responsiveness to complaints and a culture that is not supportive of a standpoint other than just being ok with it.


At Rubicon Compensation Lawyers, we will be watching with interest to see where these charges go.


If you need assistance with any bullying claims causing injury relating to your employment at Victorian Police or at any other Victorian workplace, please contact us on (03) 8529 5985 or get in touch via our website at www.rubiconlegal.com.au




Bullying Claims – Victoria Police
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